Felix Reister - character

Felix put a hand to his face, trying to soothe the red hand-print that marred it. He guessed he should've seen it coming. For a start, the sergeant hadn't taken well to his offerings of affection off the battlefield, and maybe he'd been a little stupid making lewd pick-up lines in the trenches as the warning sirens were going off. Still, why did she have to slap him so hard?

Felix was shocked back into reality as the top of the trench to the left of him was blown to pieces by an astray shell. He lurched to the side, trying to keep a hold of his rifle, smashing into the other wall and then rebounding and landing on the trench-floor. Shouts resounded over the battlefield, only muffled by the occasional tank cannon delivering its deadly goods. Felix panted. He wasn't used to heavy physical excercise - he'd always been sickly since he was little - and his light frame wasn't suited to taking this kind of punishment. He wondered why the sergeant disliked him so much - he'd always taken himself to be a bit of a hit with the ladies, his overconfidence and dashing good looks making a lasting impression on any girl he spoke to...

Then he saw it. The blue mist descending over the trench walls. A tongue of it licked his arm and it became cold as ice, like the sensation that menthol gives, but tenfold worse. He fumbled for his gas mask, but found only a broken strap. He cursed his foolishness: he'd cut the mask loose to decrease the weight he'd have to carry the night before they'd set out for the trenches. There was only one thing for it. He'd have to run.

As he reached the main camp on the line, he yelled a warning to the soldiers there and they hurriedly donned their gas masks, finding another for him from the store. But there was someone missing. Felix searched everywhere for the sergeant but she was nowhere to be seen. This wasn't good. Then he saw her, a dark shadow in the light blue mist that swarmed over her fallen body. No. This wasn't happening. There were no spare gas masks left, and the sergeant's was lying broken on the ground next to her. Gritting his teeth, Felix took action.

He fought his way swiftly through the rolling icy fog, the feeling being ripped from his skin, his nerve cells being destroyed one by one, but he wouldn't give up. A life was in danger: although he was irresponsible, he was not just going to let her die. Reaching her body, he checked for a pulse quickly. Good, she was still alive. Although his strength was quickly being sapped, he managed to get his gas mask on and secure it tightly on the sergeant's face before he had to breathe in the noxious cloud. Ice flooded his lungs, first freezing, then burning. He screamed out in pain, but knew that if he was to save the sergeant, she needed to be as close to the camp as possible: even though she now had the gas mask, she'd still inhaled a great deal of the substance and without medical attention, she could still die.

Forcing his eyes open, Felix pulled the sergeant into a fireman's lift and staggered a few steps before dropping to his knees, weakened by the gas. No. He forced himself to continue. It couldn't end here. He crawled forwards, using his back to support her body until he reached the camp once more. A sentry saw him and rushed towards them. Felix took one last glance at the girl as she fell of his back and he fell to the ground. Closing his eyes for a final time, he smiled: hopefully she'd remember him for this, and not for his earlier comments...

The End

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