Some of my characters idk just writing their bio

Philipa Ellgood was born in the early hours of the morning on the 23rd of June, 1819. Rebecca and Tony Ellgood would have rather had a son, but strong and healthy daughter was second best. They had their concerns, 23 being considered unlucky in Philipa's home nation of Flouris. She was named after her maternal grandmother, as the tradition for second daughters went, (Isla, her elder sister, shared her name with Tony's mother) but the senior Philipa died within a year of her granddaughter's birth. Isla, at three, was a happy, polite and obedient child, so the Ellgoods assumed Philipa would follow, despite superstition.

They certainly never considered she would be a witch. 

In the town of Old Woldan (which translates in their native language as 'dull') the typical believe was that witches either ceased to exist after the Unblessed Revolution or had died out in the centuries following. The exception being Oriana Adnett and his followers, notable (but secret) witches of the Sun. Philipa was seven months old when she accidentally set her blanket alight (no witch can be harmed by their creation). Tony and Rebecca raised their children with strict instructions- Tell No One. 

Despite this, Tony would comment incorrectly that magic was the least of their concerns. Philipa was serious and ungraceful, and found sounds of a 'perfectly reasonable volume' too loud, 'perfectly adequate' clothing too uncomfortable, 'ordinary' interaction too exhausting. She didn't speak much and preferred to be alone. In Philipa's forgotten opinion, there was nothing wrong with her. Even so, Rebecca called the doctor.

"I've seen this before." He said. "If that comforts you. I've seen a few children round here act the same way. There doesn't seem to be a reason."

Rebecca wept when she found it that it will not pass. She forgot that Philipa could hear her. She didn't understand what all the fuss was about. She was fine!

Being treated like some anathema, she chose solitude. Sometimes this meant escaping the house when everyone else was asleep. Philipa barely slept. She just couldn't get herself do to it for very long. Isla, when woken, was boring. She fell back asleep almost instantly. Her father shouted at her to go back to sleep and though her mother made an effort to get her back to sleep, she lost patience.

Philipa gave up on sleep. By five she was very good at moving silently, and taught herself to pick a lock. 

They lived next to the sea, so that's where she went. Philipa loved the cold grey expanse of it, always there, never judging. She paddled in the water, drew pictures in the sand, she could be a witch here. She liked to make glitter and tiny fireworks. She worked out how to make the water warmer to make paddling more comfortable. One night Adnett saw her surrounded by purple sparks. Only a witch of the Moon could use magic at night. He waited for the sun to peek from the horizon, and attacked. 

Phlipa woke up face down on the beach. All she could process was her mother's screams and red sand. 

The End

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