Amelia had long, thick, curly red hair. She had sapphire blue eyes and freckled complexion. She was short and neither heavy nor thin.

Her personality was one of fierce but cheerful resilience, tough and well able to defend herself, though she didn't like to fit the stereotype of 'a temper to match her red hair.' She was the sort of girl who liked to be friends with a lot of guys but didn't like dating because it ruined the friendship when, inevitably, they split up.

Amelia loved to read horror novels, thrillers, crime novels and those sort of books. She liked to dress in a way that went against whatever the current fashions and crazes were. Amelia was completely her own person, which was part of the reason she preferred to hang around with large groups of boys rather than the 'one-or-two-BFF's-who-you-have-to-hang-out-with-forever' style of friendship that girls provided.

The End

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