Braeden had a very abusive childhood. He's thirteen and living with Sienna. They are not 'together' but share a house. James and Keir lived with them until Keir was murdered by James.

Braeden was very pale, with dark brown, almost black hair that came down to the middle of his neck in messy spikes and tangles. His eyes appeared dull green in some lights and moods, and smoky grey in others, eyes that were full of the abuse and fear from his past, wide and frightened. He was small and under-fed. There were twelve scars across his back.

Braeden started out as very shy, but after scoring an acting job and becoming quite famous, he begins to gain confidence. He adores Sienna, who is very much a mother-figure to him. He is polite but nervous, and very quiet around people he doesn't know very well.


The End

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