Stephanie Jordinson was bass-player for the rock/thrash-metal band Neon Tiger.

Stephanie had her hair cut very short and spiky, often dying it different colours. She liked to wear bright orange and hot-pink mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Her lipstick could be anything from black to lilac, the same said for her long, elaborately jewelled and manicured nails. She was quite short, so wore crazily high heels so as to look almost as tall as the guitarist, who was the tallest. Stephanie wore very unusual clothes, her trademark outfit was scarlet leather leggings, skin-tight and very shiny, matched with a pair of hot-pink leather strappy-sandals, ridiculously high. She also wore a hot-pink bikini top with this bizarre outfit. Her preferred jewellery with this outfit was a necklace worth $5oo,ooo made with an enormous amount of rubies, diamonds and ambers. Her final accessory was a pair of scarlet leather elbow-lenght gloves. That was her favourite interview outfit. Just imagine what she wore on stage!

As for personality, Stephanie was very down-to-earth. She was the only girl in the band, and the oldest at nineteen. The band had been propelled into stardom with their first hit single. Stephanie was also the only girl in the band, and very motherly towards River the guitarist, who was the youngest. She loved him as if he was her son. Stephanie had a shy but flirtatious manner at times, but was sensible beneath it all.

The End

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