Rosalinda worked as a receptionist. She was that sort of person who knew everybody and loved gossip, tending to be a bit two-faced at times.

She had a soft, curvy figure, long, fluffy blonde hair and wore equally fluffy pastel-coloured angora jumpers, her name-tag prominent. She paired the jumpers with short, tight skirts over thick tights and  long black leather boots with high, slim heels and laces all the way along them. She also loved to paint her nails to match her jumpers and paint her lips in glossy, glittering sugar-pink lipgloss.

Rosalinda's gossipy nature sometimes got on people's nerves, but she was friendly enough and engaged easily in conversation. She did her job well, making people feel welcome even if she really thought their constant requests for directions were very annoying.

After work, she enjoyed reading romantic novels. There was nothing Rosalinda loved more than to sit in her cosy, feminine living-room, a new romance novel to read and some chocolate to eat. She owned a fat golden-labrador named Missi, who she loved very much.


The End

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