Axel was a childhood friend of Keir's. They would work together to write songs for the band they had formed with two other boys. Keir played bass-guitar and wrote songs. Axel was the lead vocalist.

Axel had shoulder-lenght blonde hair, cut in a long fringe at the front. There was a joke among the band that he spent hours combing it. He had large, wide eyes that were thickly lashed and brownish-green. He had a small scar on one cheek.

Axel tended to be a bit of a daredevil, always the one to play the pranks, accept the most frightening dares and generally do mad things. He was a bit crazy, highly-strung like Keir, only not as sensitive. Though he could be opionionated at times, he could be sympathetic too, but only when he wanted to impress girls!


The End

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