Angeline was Jordan's mother, and you wouldn't exactly need to be followers of the Ruby Nation royal family to know that fact. She had the same black hair, her's flowing softly past her shoulders. They both had the same wide, amber eyes. They were both very thin, though she was short and Jordan was very tall. Angeline was pale and a little bit scared looking.

She adored Jordan and would have happily given her own life to save his. She felt a little guilty about not being as close to her older child Amanda, but she had a bigger problem; her husband.

Angeline's husband, Amanda and Jordan's father, was very violent towards Jordan, burning, cutting and beating him. Angeline was well informed of all this but couldn't stop it. She spent many a day crying because of the violence towards her son and the way he was effected by it.

Every time Jordan showed a sign of depression, Angeline blamed herself. She was torn horribly between the two people she loved.

She was shy and sad and seemingly fragile. Angeline's life was becoming less and less beautiful. Her wealth seemed to make people assume that, as a queen, she was happy.

the simple truth was she was miserable.

The End

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