James was tall and rangy with brown-blonde hair pulled back in a loose, flowing ponytail. His eyes were grey-green and held a look of cheerful, optimistic alertness. His dress style was fairly simple, frayed jeans, deliberately ripped at the knees, varying 'Save the whales/tigers/leopards/wildebeast' tee-shirts of his favourite Nirvana concert tee-shirt.

James had a love of living that made people feel happy in his company. He loved concerts and festivals, particularly the jumping-around-in-a-muddy-feild sort.

He had never been great at the academic part of school but he loved PE, not because he was sporty, but because it was fun and he liked to work in teams with people. He seemed to permanently be smiling and had the knack of being able to talk to make conversation with anyone. He was known for his way of talking to people he'd only known for ten minutes as if they were his best friends.

The End

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