Keir had long black hair with electric blue streaks running through it. It was waist lenght and straight. He had wide, pale blue eyes that seemed to be sunk into purple-black hollows. His complexion was pale, his skin dotted with little bruises and cuts. He loved tattoos, especially the black swirling letters spelling the name Sienna that was situated just below his collarbone.

He and Sienna, though they were both just seventeen, loved each other with an intense passion that they knew would last the rest of their lives.

Keir liked to wear large silver skull-rings and a silver chain around his neck. His typical style was a concert-tee-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket.

He smoked a lot of Blue Silk Cut cigarettes, though they seemed to have no effect on his health or psyichal appearance. He'd been smoking since he was twelve, to calm himself down. He was sensitive, with a tendency to be highly-strung.

The End

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