Polly was short and skinny with blonde hair pulled back in a perky ponytail. Her eyes were bright blue and mischevious, her playful, confident, cheeky but kind personality displayed clearly in them.

Her passion was technology. Computers, cameras, phones, you name it, she owned it. Though she was not very tomboyish she adored cars and mostly wore ripped-up looking jeans and loose-fitting shirts over tee-shirts. Her make-up was more adventurous, fluorescent eyeshadow in neon shades of pink, orange, green and purple.

Polly's car was quite old, a battered black jeep, but she adored it, polishing it whenever she had spare time on her hands, smoothing out as many dents as possible and making the interior more interesting by saving up for accessories.

Polly wasn't a bookish sort of person, in favour of more exciting out-doorsy things to do. You could often find her trying things like abseiling, surfing, various sports and competing in events just for the fun of it.

Originally from California, she loved the sun. A hot day was never spent indoors, meaning she spent very little time indoors. She had a tan, not an even, golden, lying-by-the-pool sort of tan. It was an uneven 'farmer's tan', with a spattering of freckles across her nose and forehead.

The End

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