Katianna was Jordan's best friend for years in the Jewelandia series. She's a little bit of my alter-ego, the creative part of me who wants to help Jordan abandon his suicidal outlook.

Katianna had thick red curls, flaming almost scarlet, blue-silver eyes that rarely went without eyeshadow and eyeliner. Her skin was like a white, frost-covered rose's petals, pale and almost shimmering, dotted with intricate tattoos. One of her ears was peirced normally, the other fringed by six silver rings. She was tall and delicately thin with slender limbs.

Her style of dressing was eccentric and usually didn't match her quietly confident personality. She was creative and often made her own jewellery and customised her own clothes, despite being wealthy enough to buy designer labels.

though she was only seventeen, she thought art classes and was the most sought-after artist in Jewelandia.

Katianna was quietly confident, sensitive to other people's feelings, but not afraid to have a laugh either! She had inherited the 'family's mad-streak' and was a little bit eccentric. She was a non-conformist, an individual who liked to think outside the box and do things differently. She adored travelling and meeting new people. She was happy and content in her own company, but loved to hang out with her friends and family as well, particularly her best friend, the dark Jordan, who was trying to shake off the depression he'd been feeling for almost seven years. Katianna was trying to get him to see that there was some good in the world through their favourite hobby, horse-riding.


The End

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