I'm in the process of writing a story called 'when Adam became Judas' and I like to get to know my characters before I write the entire story. This is the description for Adam, please comment if you love him, hate him or think he's not well-described and tell me why. thanks!

Adam Carey had brown-red hair that almost reached his shoulders and odd-coloured eyes; one blue and one brown. He had a gold ring through one ear and was allegedly masochistic. He was sixteen years of age and his quiet personality was to avoid being asked questions about his abusive family. The Carey family were wealthy but for some reason they hated Adam. He would always try and lie to himself that they had to love him, but he knew the truth. His father beat him and his mother would drink and smoke joints of marjuana, before screaming at him to come and act as an outlet for her anger when her high became a low. There was a six-inch scar from Adam's eye to his jaw-bone but he lied when people asked him about it, told them it was from a fight. This had the useful double-effect of both hiding his abusive background and making him out to be tough. Adam had a secret love of writing short, suicidal poems, and had a sensitive side he rarely allowed to show.

The End

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