An Idea for Rachael

“I was thinking,” Elo began.

“Oh God, now what?” Rachael interrupts.

“Well this writing in second person seems intriguing and it fits perfectly with the whole choose your own adventure side of things,” Elo’s voice trails off as she stares over her coffee cup.

“Oh please don’t tell me this is going where I think it is,” Rachael moans.

Elo blinks and looks at Rachael. She smiles. “You don’t think it would work?”

“I just don’t like the thought of all the options and people choosing what course I’m taking next.”

“Hm,” Elo ponders this for a moment. “It probably would be hard to write you as yourself in a choose your own adventure mode wouldn’t it.”

“Beastly hard,” Rachael agrees.

Elo phases out again thinking. A yellow light appears on screen. Rachael ignores it. Another one illuminates, which she also ignores. Finally an alarm peals out as a red light winks into existence. Elo looks up as Rachael swears and begins typing furiously on the keyboard.

“But see,” Elo muses, “you get into so many life and death situations, where the choice matters.”

“And?” Rachael mutters through clenched teeth as she works the screen.

“And by giving the reader choices,” Elo grins, “they will find that your natural reactions are the ones to go with.”

“Oh?” Rachael slams her fist on the controls, effectively blanking the screen.

Standing, Rachael grabs a tool bag from under the seat. She marches out of the control room with a very deliberate stomp. Elo trails after her, coffee cup still in hand. They stop at the access point to the engines. Opening the hatch Rachael disappears inside.

Elo drinks her coffee as a plethora of swears waft from the hole. It’s not until her coffee is nearly gone that a clang rings out. The sound is soon followed by Rachael, now spotted with engine grit. Hefting up her tool bag, she clambers out of the hatch.

She looks at Elo, “and what choices would you give the readers?”

“Well, just a few moments ago I could give them the option of ignoring the warning lights.” Elo follows after Rachael who is on the move again. “Ignore enough of them and they’d be dead.”

“And you want to do it all in second person,” Rachael spins on her heal to face Elo, “as if the reader was Me?” She thumps her chest with her thumb.

“It’s the second person bit that bugs you the most, isn’t it?”

“Damn straight it is,” Rachael confirms. “I am me, not anyone else. I do what I do, nothing more nothing less, you get that!”

Elo steps back from Rachael’s vitriolic tone. “Alright, alright, I get your point.” She sighs.

They move forward again, this time stopping in the galley. Elo disposes of her coffee cup while Rachael washes up.

“You know, you don’t have the last say. I am your author.” Elo’s body is beginning to fade and disperse.

“Whatever,” Rachael spits. “You don’t want to either.”

“We’ll see,” Elo whispers as she become the universe, “we’ll see.” Her laugher rings through the ship.

“Fake* You!” Rachael tosses the horns* to empty space.

[*Author’s note: Rachel’s reaction is lewd and has been to be modified to not trip the maturity meter]

The End

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