Noble & Constance, an accidental meeting

(Note: My part of the dialogue is in italics, the coffeehouse employee is underlined)

Oh, I’m terribly sorry; I should have been watching where I was going

It’s okay. I didn’t see you either.

Are you sure? That coffee stain might not come out. If you want I’ll pay for it to be dry-cleaned

No, that’s alright. I was planning on getting rid of this shirt anyway. Listen, you really shouldn’t be seen talking with me right now.

Why not? Is someone following you?

Something like that.

Well, if you’re not going to let me pay to clean your shirt, will you at least let me buy you a new coffee?

You really don’t have to do that.

I insist. Come on, there’s a nice coffeehouse just around the corner

I really shouldn’t. I have to go rescue my brother again.

It’ll only take a few minutes, come on

Hey, wait, let go.

Alright, I’m sorry. Will you please let me buy you a new coffee?

*Sigh* Fine. As long as it only takes a few minutes; I really need to go help my brother out.

What kind of trouble is he in?

He’s trapped in a haunted warehouse on the other side of town fighting a demon who can only be destroyed by a good cuppa joe.


No, I’m just kidding.

Oh. You don’t sound like you’re kidding

Well, it’s something like that, anyway.


What can I get for you?

Tall caramel macchiato, please.

Nothing for me. Sp your brother fights demons?

I can’t tell you. I’d have to kill you.

*Nervous laugh* Right

Tall caramel macchiato

Thank you.

I guess you should get going then

Yeah, I guess I should.

It was nice talking with you…

Constance Delacroix.

Constance. That’s a pretty name. Anyway, it was nice talking with you, Constance.


Maybe I’ll see you around some time

Probably not. Goodbye.

Oh, oh alright. Goodbye.

The End

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