'The Incredibly Deadpan Deadrick Blade'

The man is tall, is my first thought. At least six and a half foot tall. And my second thought is 'God I hope he doesn't kill me'.

He strides across the dimly lit room proudly, and drops onto the comfy sofa chair in front of me.

   "So, thank you for meeting with me today- I understand how difficult the ride from Kandrakah can be," I say, holding out my hand in a gesture of friendship. Deadrick Blade looks at it for a second with a wary look across his face.

I leave it hanging in the air for a few moments, and then put it back down to my side.

   "Yes, it is. I hope you understand that you are pulling my away from my incredibly busy and manic schedule?" Deadrick says, cocking his head to the side, his slightly shiny black hat reflecting the spotlight that bore down on us into my eyes.

"Ah, yes," I say, "Your job as Inquisitor for the Council of Kandrakah, killing demons, witches, vampires and assorted other Unholy creatures- what's that like?"

Deadrick narrows his eyes at me.

"Fun," He says coolly.

I nod, and continue the interview.

"And your companions? What are they like to travel with?" I ask, taking a small sip from the tall glass of water on the modern looking side table next to me.

"You mean the rebellious Elf, the whiny Human and the unbearably annoyingWerewolf?" Deadrick says, cracking his knuckles menacingly.

"Yes, those companions"

"Rebellious, whiny and unbearably annoying. As I stated a moment ago," He replies, crossing his legs. His boots look as menacing as he does. Thick, black leather, plated with metal. Protruding from the steel tips are two inch long spikes.

"They seem like an odd travelling party to choose," I say.

"I didn't particularly choose them- They just seemed to end up with me," Deadrick says, I can tell this is a sore topic. He looks like a solitary traveller... not the kind to have companions of any kind.

"Well, it's been fantastic talking to you, Deadrick, I-"

Before I can finish, Deadrick gets to his feet, turns on his heels and rudely walks away.

As I hear a door shut in the darkness I have one last thought.

'Glad I don't have to deal with him everyday'.




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The End

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