Elorithryn in Space

[If you know the Muppet Show and know the skit "Pigs in Space", then you know how to read that title]

“You know,” Rachael accosts me with diagrams in hand, “I distinctly preferred your original space ship design.”

“Yes, but it wasn’t very practical when it comes to cargo space and…”

“My parents were scientists, dimwit," Rachael can’t help but interrupt. "They weren’t carrying cargo. You don’t think I don’t know how to get small but valuable items to transport?”

“It has nothing to do with your abilities, honestly,” I try and sooth her nerves. She continues to glare at me. “I had to take physics into account, make it believable you know.” She raised one eyebrow, a good sign. “It’s hard to design a space ship when you’re not an engineer.”

“Funny that’s not what your business card says.” Rachael’s sarcasm spills over.

I roll my eyes. “Oh for heaven’s sake, my degree is in Textile Chemistry. I haven’t taken a single technical engineering class.”

“Fine! I still think you ought to re-visit your spaceship designs.” Rachael shoves the diagrams at me.

“Rach.” Michael slides his hands around Rachael’s waist as he joins us. “You could be nicer to your creator. This is her first foray into Science-Fiction.”

“Yeah, well you’re not the one stuck growing up in one of these tubs.”

Michael nuzzles her neck, “Perhaps, but I do spend ten years with you in one.”

Rachael snorts and breaks away. “Ten years is nothing, ask her how many I get to spend in Deep Sleep!” She spins on her heal breaking contact with Michael and heads towards the Engine room.

“I hate Deep Sleep!” Her voice echoes back to us. Somehow I manage to hide my smirk. I did make her that way.

Michael turns back from watching Rachael. “Don’t mind her, transition time is coming up, she’s a little testy.”

“Your eyes aren’t even ringed with Orange.” I laugh, “She’s just always testy.”

“Not always,” Michael grins and winks at me suggestively.

“Well, right,” my face flushes slightly, “not always.”

“So, how long does she spend in Deep Sleep?” Michael can't help but be curious.

“Um, well I haven’t fully figured that out.” Michael raises his eyebrows. “Okay so I have draft written down and a timeline in excel, but I haven’t put full effort into this story.”

“Why not?”

“We’re not important enough.” Rachael states as she pushes past us. “Could the distance from the engine to the control room be any longer?”

“Would you like it to be?” I ask facetiously. All I get is a glare.

“Well,” Michael prompts after a moment of silence.

“Well I’m trying to finish the Vervellian trilogy first or at least finish the second part, before I distract myself. If everything works out well, I may try and do a pound through during NaMo…” my voice trails off. Michael nods thoughtfully.

“Well I really ought to get back. I am supposed to be working,” I look at a clock, “actually leaving to go pick up my kids.” I head towards the outer portal.

“There’s nothing but space outside that,” Rachael calls to me.

“For you maybe.” I grin at her guttural growl.

Michael stops me with a hand on the arm. “You know you don’t have to write out all the details.”

I turn beet red and leave. I know exactly what details he means. I also know I’ll still categorize it as a mature story, with or without those details. Of course first I have to finish writing it before I can post it; if I ever post it.

The End

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