Del Meets Mousie

"Hello ... umm, Mouse." I've forgotten his name. How stupid.

He squeaks. "Squeak."

"Of course, Mathew. I can't believe I forgot that!"


"Of course I knew already. I invented you."

"Squeak. Squeak?"

"What do you mean, why?" It's only then that I notice I can understand him. Which is odd, because when I listen, I can't. It's only when I think about the sentence as I whole I begin to discern the meaning. "I was bored, I guess."

"Squeak!" Mathew's not happy that I dumped him in the Hideout to endure the hell there, just because I was bored.

"I'm sorry, Mathew. But it'll be okay, you know."

"Squeak??" What he means is, how?

"Because I've got plans for you ...."

"Squeak... ?"



Mathew is actually a human; he got turned into a mouse. I'm planning to turn him back at some point.

The End

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