Take Care of Me....

Scarecrow West (SCIT stories)


I yanked open the door to the black enzo and slid into the passenger seat. Here I would wait for him.

He arrived just as I expected him to, as I wrote that he would... He pulled open the driver's door and jumped in, slamming it shut behind him before he finally noticed me sitting there.

"What the...?" he began and then before I could blink I found myself looking down the barrel of a gun. "Who are you and why are you in my car?" he growled.

"I'm Alli." I beamed and he lowered the gun.

"So you're the one that gives me horrible nightmares, visions and hallucinations, feeds my psychotic bloodthirsty side, makes me regret even living and then tries to make it all better by making me start to fall for Dani?" he raised an eyebrow and I nodded sadly.

"Yeah, that's me alright. It kind of makes me sad to have to share you with anyone though, you do know that?" I looked up at him with tears brimming in my eyes.

"Awww no don't go crying all over my leather seats!" he tried to hide concern and stuffed a tissue into my hands while putting the gun away and awkwardly patting me on the shoulder. "Hey chin up babe, it is making it all better." he said earnestly.

"Now explain what you mean by all this." he smiled warmly. "I've got exactly fifteen minutes to spare before I have to zoom off and help save the country again."

I laughed "Well I can write you in some more time, don't worry about that.... Basically when I first wrote you I based you on someone I know, someone very close to my heart. Then people really liked you so I had to tell them more about you and well, I got pretty attached to you as a character and since you share the same nickname as my person, you can guess that when I spoke about your latest escapades people began to wonder what drugs I'd been taking."

"I see." he nodded and I sniffed "My Scarecrow isn't a Recondo you see. So naturally when I say 'Scarecrow got shot' people freak out and go WHAT?!"

He laughed and I joined him, my tears slowly disappearing. "Yeah could you not injure me so much? It does grate on my nerves a bit that I always seem to get horrific injuries." he chuckled.

"Oh sure, I might write about how you ask Dani out, you want me to control that side of..."

"Ohh no no no.." he interrupted me "Leave that side of my life to me please!"

I smiled, he was so like my Scarecrow. Instinctively I reached up and brushed his hair out of his face.

"You'll come and get me when the time comes?" I pleaded with him and he nodded.

"Of course I will Alli. You know how much we all love you." he smiled at me. "You mean so much to all of us."

I leant over and kissed him on the cheek. "Good luck Crow, I'll see you when the time comes."

Then I slipped out of the car and vanished back into reality as he called after me. "Take good care of me now Alli!"

As I sit with my laptop on my knees now I can smile and know that when my time comes, my characters will look after me.

The End

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