Gwythryn's Grudge

(From "Warrior" ... formerly "A So-Called Hero..")

Something tells me this wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had. I walk into the room, the hairs on the back of my neck prickling. Across the room, a pair of dark eyes are glaring at me from beneath a tangled mop of auburn hair. I grin and hold my hand out for a shake,

"Hallo Gwythryn!" I say chirpily. "Nice to see you!"

Gwythryn eyes me, taking my hand cautiously as if it might bite him, "I wish I could say the same." He looks me up and down, raising an eyebrow sceptically. I snicker;

"Not much to look at am I?" I chuckle. "But then again, good things come in small packages."

Or, in this case, evil things come in small packages.

Gwythryn nods slowly, "So you're the one who's been giving me all this trouble?" he asks, rubbing the scar on his cheek as he says so. I nod, looking rather smug. He continues, "And you're the one who's orchestrated every disaster I've had to deal with?"

"You betcha. I'm good at disasters." I reply, feeling very pleased with myself.

"Well," Gwythryn smirks, "I guess I know who to start plotting against! I'm not going to take all this lying down you know. I've heard the expression "don't bite the hand that feeds you" but I don't think I can classify the sort of carnage you'd been dumping on me as "feeding." I've got a long memory, and I bear nasty grudges."

He gives me a meaningful look, hand tapping the hilt of the sword that hangs at his waist, waiting for me to gulp and look scared. Instead, tactful creature that I am, I burst out laughing:

"You fool!" I shriek through gales of laughter. "You complete and utter dipstick! Do you really think you can out-do me? I created you! I know every trick in your book, and I'll always be one step ahead! You think I'm so stupid as to not realise you'd not take this kindly? I intended you to think that way! I needed a hero with some backbone, one I knew wouldn't give up when I dropped a ton of metaphorical bricks on his head! After all, it's no fun torturing a milksop is it?"

Gwythryn looks at me, eyes as wide as dinner plates and white-faced. He edges away from me, making for the door.

"You're mad." he whispers. "You're utterly mad. You're a demon, that's what you are, a demon that got kicked out of hell because it was too evil even for them! Well guess what, I'm not scared of you and I'm going to make you eat those words. My creator or no, I'm not going to be your personal doormat! It's war you little cretin!"

"You're on Gwythie-boy!" I call back, grinning gleefully. "I'll take whatever you can throw at me. Let's see how deep this grudge of yours runs eh?"

"Oh, you'll see," he yells as he pulls the door open. "You'll see! If I live through this blasted war then I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget! When this is over, I'll come and get you, mark my words, I'll get you!"

With that, he turns and races out of the door, bolting down the corridoor and yelling for his men. I laugh manically and scream down after him:

"Don't get your hopes up! I've got a lot more in store for you! I'm planning a sequel, do you hear me, a sequel!"

Oooh yeah. This is going to be fun...

The End

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