Pizza for Sarah

Ditching the motorcycle and hitching a ride on a farmer’s cart I make my way into Verdas. Even though I’m the creator the capital city of Vervelle it is still impressive to see. Though based upon a walled medieval city, it’s not nearly as cramped. I didn’t want my people living in filth, even if they only bath once a week. The main road, with gutters, winds up the hill slowly making its way to where the fortress stands upon the cliff.

I jump off the cart in the market section of town and wish the Farmer well. Tossing him a coin, I smile at the expression on his face. You’d think I’d just given him a fortune, then again I probably had. I haven’t developed a monetary system for this place yet. I just know they use coins.

Making my way up the hill, I navigate by instinct alone. The city shifts perceptibly as I walk; a hazard of planning the layout as I go. At last I am in the Scout Quarter and see the door emblazoned with a Phoenix. Knocking I shifted back into more modern clothing and manifested a pizza box.

“Good day,” Sarah answered the door.

“I believe someone ordered a pizza,” I smiled at her astonishment.

“It’s hot and fresh, straight from Mike’s Pizza Parlor.”

Sarah shook her head. “I’m either dreaming, or the Gods really do favor me.”

“You’re not dreaming.” I enter the small house and make my way to the kitchen.

“Who’s not dreaming?” Jason enters from the back door, clearly just having come back from training. I can see six other men filing in behind them.

“Hm, I think I’ll we’ll need more Pizza.”

“Why? I have plenty of stew,” Sarah asks eyeing the Pizza box.

Mathew moans, “Not again.”

“Oh knock it off Mat,” I give him a good whack to the shoulder. “We all know you like her cooking.”

Mathew glares at me. “Do not? And who are you to say I do?”

“Oh who I am is not important,” I wave my hands dismissively. “It’s what I’ve brought that’s important.” I open the box of Pizza that now has two more underneath it. I love being in a world I’ve created.

“What’s that?” everyone but Sarah wants to know.

“Pizza,” Sarah murmurs as she grabs a slice, “hot and fresh and from Mike’s.” She closes her eyes and savors the flavor.

Jason looks at me, then at Sarah and then at the food I brought. “Pizza?” Sarah nods as she takes another bite. “Well I always wondered why you talked about it so much.” He takes a slice for himself.

Soon the whole group is chowing down and I have to make two more boxes appear. I perch on the counter next to Sarah and watch.

“So, um, who are you?” Sarah asks as she licks her fingers. “You seem familiar, but I can’t place you. You look like you’re from my world.”

“Not quite,” I respond. “I come from a very similar world off which your world was based. And of course this world is based in my world’s history, though I’ve got a few different centuries mixed in.”

“So you are?” Mathew asks again.

I grin, “Think of me as the Gods’ God.” That gets a few shocked looks.

“Oh,” I jump down from my spot, “and when you defeat General Wholawski, I promise I’ll bring Cake, Ice Cream and more Pizza.”

I disappear by going invisible. I can’t help grinning at the whispers that going around. Sadly I’ll have to erase this memory from their minds so the Vervellian trilogy can continue, but…

It’s fun to be the God in my created worlds. Rewarding my characters is my favorite part.

[Sarah's been in Protagonize Surgery and she is of course the main character in Sarah's Pheonix and Phoenix Rising, the question is, how would medieval characters really respond to Pizza. Well in my head they like it! :} Elorithryn]

The End

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