A Few Minutes Safe

From the story, Stuck With You

I stand outside the warehouse, watching for Ryan to leave.  He's not the one I want to talk to just now, but rather Felicia.  Besides, he'll be alright today.  No one is going to get hurt in the next 24-hours.

When he's gone, I slip inside the warehouse.  Felicia has her knife in hand, stabbing at the boxes.  She slices and stabs, practicing.  I'm careful to not startle her.

"Hey!"  I say.

She jumps about forty feet in the air.  So much for not scarring her.

"Who are you?!" she says, breathless.  She's relieved I'm not dying... or a monster.

I think for a second, wondering how to put it, "Let's pretend I answered that question."

She raises an eyebrow.

I sigh, "Yes, I am crazy.  But that's why people love me."

She actually laughs.  The last few days have aged her.  She has so much stress and worry marked on her face already.

"Come, let's talk before Ryan gets back."

"How do you know Ryan?" she asks.

I chuckle to myself, "Let's say I've known him ever since his... ehem... creation."

"I'm confused."

"So am I."

"What are you confused about?"

"I don't know what has confused me, which is why I am confused."

She looks at me like I'm speaking Latin.  It just makes me laugh loudly.

Felicia wraps her hand around my mouth, "Shh!  You have to be quiet!  There are monsters out there!"

I pull her hand off, "No there aren't.  I promise, they won't be here for a while.  You have some safe time.  No reason to panic."

"How do you know?"

"I know everything."

"Where did those monsters come from?"

"I can't tell you."

"What use you are!"

"Jeesh, sorry... it's a suprise."

"You don't know, do you?"  She smirks.

I laugh, "No clue.  I'll figure it out eventually if Seattle doesn't first."


"No one."

"Umm... ok then..."

I stretch, "Well, it's been nice talking to you.  I should be going.  There are others I need to be talking to."  I start walking toward the exit.

"Ok... bye..."

"Oh, one more thing!" I spin around and point my finger at her as if she's won a prize, "You need to be ready for much worse than these monsters.  There's a whole bunch more, and I think that there will be different kinds coming."

All the blood drains from her face.

"Don't worry... not all of them will want to kill you.  Good-bye, have a good day!"

The End

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