Amelia- Ice

I see her coming down the street. She must have just gotten off work, for it is late and she looks tired. I'll walk her home. I wouldn't want anything to happen to the main character of my story as she wanders around the bad side of town at two in the morning.

"Good evening."

She looks at me suspiciously, not understanding at first who I am, but she recognizes my voice. It's the same one that she hears in her head.

"Great to see you too. I hope you're happy that you've screwed up my life."

She appears bitter over this. I guess she doesn't like me taking creative liberty over her life.

"I never intended to screw it up, merely teach you a lesson."

"Teach me a lesson, huh? What else? Are you god?"

"I want you to make true friends. The one's from school seem pretty shallow. I wanted to show you what real friends could be like. What love is. About the true meaning of life and death. Do you understand them now?"

She shrugs and acts disinterested, but I can tell she sees my point, although she is not pleased with the trip her life has recently taken. 

She punches me.

"True love? Friendship? You make my life horrible, with no end to the emotional trauma, all so I would realize my friends are shallow? You couldn't have just told me this?"

I realize what I have done and tell her that I could fix it, but she tells me no.

"I don't like how my life is, but I've earned the lessons I've learned. There's no point in making them a waste of time."

We reach her house and say good bye. I don't think she likes me much, but if I were in her place I wouldn't like me either.

The End

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