Family Reunion - of sorts

I pull up next to a small café in a quaint old town. Bike parked and on the kickstand, I take off my helmet and shake out my hair. A well shaped biker looks up from his meal with his daughter to give me the once over. I can’t help but grin as I strip from my suit.

 “Dad!” his daughter hisses, looking extremely embarrassed at his behavior.

“What?” he asks with a grin, “It’s a nice bike.”

“Of course it is.” I sit down next to Morgan giving her a shoulder hug. “My husband wouldn’t have me ride anything less.”

“Do we know you?” Mike asks eying me curiously.

I laugh. “I think Morgan knows who I am.”

Mike looks at his daughter with an eyebrow raised. I move away from Morgan and sit next to them. Morgan studies me her hair blonder than my son’s.

“I think so,” she seems hesitant.

I reach out and take her hand. “Don’t worry. Things will get worse before they get better, but you be reunited with Ash and your link reformed.”

“How do you know this?” Mike had moved into protective father mode.

If I didn’t have six uncles just as big and just as capable of looking scary, I’d probably be running at his look. It probably helps that I’m also still high on the motorcycle ride.

“Because Morgan is me, or really, a part of me that I created a character from, amplified.” I grin at his expression, “And I set her on that Bus, not knowing what would happen. She was to be an observer, but well, Anna and I started talking, then Moonwalker came into the mix and well SpookOfNight just tossed herself in and we couldn’t help but create a…”

“Elorithryn!” a warm elderly voice interrupts.

“Grandma B!” I immediately stand up and give the woman a hug. So like my own Grandmother, who inspired her and, I swear, helps write her.

“Now what are you doing here child?” Haddie joins us at the table.

Mike speaks before I can answer. “You know who she is, Mrs. B?”

“Of course I do, she put my actions to words and my words to type, as well as that of your daughter and Petey.”

“Petey,” Mikes eyes instantly narrow as he gives me a hard stare.

“Hey,” I throw my hands up, “I didn’t plan Petey, but trust me he’ll be useful in the end.”

Mike and Morgan look at me like I’m crazy.

“He will be. Devil’s Flat, he and I will be ready when you need us,” Haddie nods.

“Well I’ve probably freaked you out enough as it is.” I stand up and push my chair in.

“Keep hope,” I tell Morgan as I give her a hug. She nods her hand going to her necklace.

“Stay stubborn,” I tell Haddie, she grins and hug me back.

Lastly I turn to Mike and give him a hug too. “I know you and Layla will make a great couple,” I whisper so only he hears. He is both shocked and slightly embarrassed by my knowledge. I grin and return to my bike.

I start my bike and suit up. I wave.

“Ride Safe!” Haddie yells out, penetrating the sound of the engine, my helmet and ear plugs.

“I will,” I call back as I take off.  Now the question is, who do I visit next?

The End

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