I'm writting about my roleplay character here, hope no one minds :)


Oceane woke up on a bed, in a dark, empty room. She was confused as to how she got there, since the last thing she could remember was walking down the hallways of the dragon's layer hand in hand with Rallos.

"Hey there."

"What? Who is there?"


All of a sudden, Oceane turned to see a girl sitting besides her on the bed. She looked about her age, but didn't seem to be a magical creature.

"Where am I?"

"No where special. Where are you and Rallos headed to now?"

"How do you know Rallos? Who exactly are you?!"

"Your subconsciousness. How else would I know about him?"

"My subconsciousness? But you don't look anything like me."

"It doesn't have to. I'm only part of you. Not you."

"... That doesn't make sense..."

"Whatever. So, were are you guys going?"

"To meet up with our friends. We're trying to find them first, though."

"Well, they're at the ice cave, so stop looking in the dragon's layer."

"What? But that's so far away! It's going to take us forever to get there all by ourselves!"

"All by yourselves you say..." Engelik gave Oceane an evil smirk.

"Why are you smirking like that?"

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking how interesting and fun it's going to be to have you and Rallos all alone with each other."

"What. Why?"

"You ask an awful lot of questions, you know that?"

"How can I not? I'm with a strange girl I have never met before, in a strange place!"

"I already told you! My name is Engelik and I am you."

"No you aren't! You said you were a part of me!"

"That, too."


"That doesn't matter right now! What matters is that you figure out if you love Rallos or not."

"What?! Love Rallos? Why do you say that?!"

"Because, if one of you guys doesn't confesse soon, me and Mike will go crazy!"

"Who's Mike?"

"He's Rallos subconsciousness."

"You know Rallos subconsciousness?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I?"

"I am so confused..."

"Don't mind that. Just think about your feelings for Rallos right now."

"But I haven't thought of love since Jonah! How could I ever figure out my feelings for Rallos?"

"Well, you guys ARE holding hands. And you better think fast, because I have stuff to do."

"You can't have stuff to do. You're my subconsciousness, so whatever you do must be about me."

"... You don't know that."

"Well, it's what makes sense."

"No it doesn't. You do what you do, and I do my own thing."

"Wha~ I'm so confused!"

"Just try to figure out what you feel for Rallos and what he feels for you, ok? Bye bye for now, Oceane!"

"Bye bye? Wait, don't leave me here!"

"You're not staying here. And I have to go and write my post now."

"Post about what?"

"Nothing, me dear mermaid. Goodbye!"

"Goodbye Engelik!"

The End

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