Griffin and Feline

Now, before I get into this, let me say this story isn't posted on protag just yet... it's still in the I-can't-let-anyone-read-this-yet-because-even-I-think-it-needs-work phase.

Griffin eyes me with severe mistrust, as if he wishes to tear my head off my shoulders.  Feline is a bit more at ease, lying down in the grass.  She knows I'm not the bad guy here.

"What do you want, human?" he growls at me.  This is normal, since he happens to be a lion.  A very large, yet for a strange reason veggitarian, lion.

"Griffin!" Feline snaps at him, "Let's be nice to Shelby."

"Yeah, be nice to me, Griffin!"  I laugh.  He still glares.

"I don't see why you want me to converse with a human."  he mutters.

Feline rolls her eyes, "Well, she is the one who has created everything in our world. You, me, every Multi-being and every Non-being."

(FYI, Multi-being refers to creatures that can change shape, while Non-being includes all evil.)

He laughs, "Ha!  I doubt that!"

I smirk at him, "Test me.  Ask me anything."

"What is the Non-being horse who captured Furio?"

I sigh, thinking to myself What an easy question!

"Five-nine-nine-one-four-oh-one-oh." Ta-da!

Griffin's face fills with shock, but he hides it quickly, "How many toes do I have?  No cheating!"  He buries his feet into the grass.

Feline just sits and smiles.

"Four on each front foot, four on your back left foot, and three on your back right foot."

His jaw drops.

"Do you believe it now?" Feline asks.

"I guess I have no choice.  But, Feline, we really must be going.  Shelby, it was... ehem... nice to meet you."

I smile and stand.  Feline lets me put my arms around her neck.  She get Griffin to hold still long enough to stroke his beautiful mane.  I wonder if he knows what I've put in store for him.  Guilt pricks my heart as they leave.

The End

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