Jerry - Misfit

"So, Jerry, how are things for you?" I asked him.
"Well, they're things you know?" He tilted his head slightly. "I'm coping."
"Oh?" I inquired. He sighed.
"Well, things have been a bit weird, lately, you know?" I nodded.
"A few months ago, my best ever friend and I accidently annoyed this lad, Ethan." He started.
"Go on?"
 "Well, I was messing about, in science, and we spilled some chemicals on his book. He was proper annoyed about it though." 
"Oh dear."
"It was an accident though!" A little flicker of desperation was in his eyes. He still worried about it then.
"Well, after that,  some more stuff happened. I forget." He said, and waved his hand. I wondered whether that was a lie. 
"I loved my friend, Ally. I always loved her." His face dropped a bit. "I asked her out, and then she agreed, after a bit. I needed some help from Nick though." He looked up, and grinned at the thought of the stuff he had probably got up to with Nick. Then he gulped
"Then, one day..." He looked down, at his hands, clasped in his lap. "She died." Something caught in his throat, and a tear formed in the corner of his eye. "I went a bit crazy after that, with the guilt, and sadness, you know?" 
I nodded.
"Don't worry, it's ok Jerry." 
"Yeah," He sniffed and wiped his eyes. "Well anyway, then one day, I met this girl. She looked exactly like her. It was incredible. Her name was Ellie." He paused. "We went out for a bit, and things got a lot better. But then we had an argument. We kinda, broke up. I got swallowed up in my guilt and pain again. I went to Ethan, who knew how I felt, cause he felt like it before." He took a deep breath. This was hard for him. "I tried to commit suicide. There I said it."
"Wow. Are you, ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine." He turned away for a second.
"I went crazy, and then, I got better, to make a long story short." A bitter note entered his voice.
"But I have Ellie back, now." He smiled at me. "Things are good."
"Do you mind telling me what you mean when you say 'crazy'?" I asked, nervously.
"I'd rather not." He said.
"Oh ok, that's fine." There was a short few moments of silence.
"I went a little psycho, and tried to scare people." He sighed. "It's over now though."
"So, how are you and Ellie?" We're good, thanks. He smiled a broad, happy smile. "I don't want us to end. Ever." I could tell that that was not an understatement.
"Well, thanks Jerry. This was... Interesting." I got up.
"See you then."
"Bye." I turned and walked off, leaving Jerry.
That boy has been through a lot. I thought. A lot.

The End

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