All of a sudden felt like adding to this again.

I walked into the bar and, without so much as a glance at the dirty tender or the crowded and smoky room. I crossed and sat down in a booth near the end

Across from me sat a presence so deep in shadow and smoke and haze; so well blended with the dirty souroundings around us; I could not see if he were man, boy, or monster.And this is why it had become his custom to meet clients here.

That and the food here was some of the best that this, now ruined, city could offer.

"What's the job?" He asked. As always, straight to business to keep the conversation short.

"None. I just wanted to meet you."

"Then this meeting is over."

"I just wanted to ask you something."

"Get lost. I have nothing to say to someone who wastes my time." And with those words I heard the very unmistakable click of a pistol's hammer being pulled back. I knew if I did not talk quickly then my brains would be painting the walls and no-one would blink.

Another reason why he had chosen this establishment. Many had gone to meet with this ghost and never been heard from again.

I knew this very well, but I felt no fear and made certain to show this on my face.

He lowered the gun slowly. "You aren't afraid and yet you know who I am?"

"I know you wouldn't kill someone without a reason. There is no money on my head and I am no threat. So you will not shoot any more than a boss would suddenly turn charitable."

"You are right. But I will not answer any questions. Who and what I am is my own business and no-one elses so just leave me in peace."

Obligingly I stood but before I made my exit from this building and thus this world I turned back to him. "Let me just say this though Daniel." He tensed up and began to raise the gun again, how did I know his real name? "Your parents were good people and I'm sorry that they died. But their legacy still lives in you, if you find the motivation."

The End

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