The Heart Eater

Just a warning: This character is quite gruesome.

She has no feelings. No feelings at all. She cannot even comprehend the human emotion. It’s a mystery to her that something so small makes human beings weak and easy to defeat; and when they are laying on the floor, screaming for mercy, its emotion that she sees sparkling in their terror filled eyes.  Her name is Gwen Phillips and she is a serial killer.


It was ten years ago that Gwen Phillips captured and heartlessly murdered her first victim. So heartlessly in fact, that she wrenched out their heart and ate it. Raw. Then she vomited so violently that great chunks of the recently consumed human heart splattered off the walls. After about half an hour of retching, Gwen Phillips hauled herself off the floor and hid the body. The adrenaline that pounded through her veins gave her just enough strength to kick the body into the closet.


Afterwards, she replayed the murder in her mind. Gwen Phillips smiled in the memory of her half-brother’s petrified scream. “You’re mad,” was his last words. “You’re freaking mad!”

The End

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