He walked down the jetway. His hair perfectly sculpted into tiny spikes making his angular features even finer. His teeth were pearly white as he smiled at me. I thought my heart would stop beating at the sight of him.

I was so enamoured by his beauty that I never saw the baggage truck. It struck me hard. I felt one or more bones in my legs snap. It didn't even phase me. I kept smiling, hoping that I was imaging the sharp pains needling through my body.

I tried to get up and found it impossible. He was still walking gracefully toward me his smile now a ghastly O. I saw the tears in his eyes, but it still didn't click with me that something must be seriously wrong. I watched as my dream guy, my fiance, started to run toward me.

His face one of complete chagrin and terror. I watched as worry lines became permentately etched at the corner of his eyes. I felt the wetness spread out from my side.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

He wasn't the first to ask.

I smiled as I finally answered.

"I am now." I lied with my last breath.

The End

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