Love at First Sight

There she was, taunting me, mesmerizing me.

The vibrant red she wore sparkled in the light, complimenting her smooth figure. Fashionable accessories gleamed, further transfixing my gaze.  She moved with the gracefullness I had been dreaming of and even smelt fresh, new--a great relief to the last one. She was sleek, shiny, and even a little show-offish. But most importantly she was the one. I just knew it from the first time I heard her popular name.

We would go places, her and I, whether it was to a far off vacation spot or just down the street. I would have the key to turn her on and she would have the softness to ease my mind. Yes indeed. It would take some money--and lots of it--but the way she rolled with life's traffic it would be worth it.

"Here you are sir," the man said, handing me a wad of papers, "now all you need is to get an updated license plate, a few more things, and you're a brand new car owner."

The End

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