You turn your attention to your newest companion, and once you do, you can barely lift your eyes from him. Dark skin stretched taught across his face looks like its been burnt severely, his thin lips pull back in a loud laugh and deep-set almost orange eyes glow faintly in their sockets. He's talking in a voice both soft and low, almost a growling, but without the slightest hint of menace. You can feel the heat rolling off him in waves. He isn't quite human you decide, though what he is, is certainly lost on you. Black markings adorn his face and despite the close scrutiny you afford him, you can't be entirely sure that they are tattoos and as you turn your attention to his hair you feel a slight smile creep upon you; a fiery splash of wiry hair is spiked up from his forehead to the top of his spine. It reminds you uncannily of feathers.
He turns sharply, his bright eyes focusing on you. You automatically go to drop your gaze, but he's smiling, so you smile back. The genuine warmth of this man has taken you completely by surprise.
‘Catch your eye, did I?'

The End

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