Connor Firefall

Connor's sea-green eyes glinted brightly as he ran, barefoot,  through the forest. His long legs pumped rhythmically to-and-fro. He had been running for fifteen minutes and his well-muscled chest was heaving, but he kept on moving. He was almost there, just a little bit farther and he would be home. 

A small log cabin came in to view just down the dirt path and Connor angled himself toward it. When he got there he finally stopped and bent over, his long-fingered hands resting on his knees. It didn't take very long to catch his breath however as Connor went for a run like this every day. He quickly straightened and flicked a stray strand of eye-length ashen hair out of his eyes before entering the cabin. He moved over to the computer to check his email before making himself an egg for breakfast. He had one new email. 

Happy 27th birthday! Hope you have a great day!


Of course, mom was pretty much the only person on the planet that he knew personally. After opening up his online job, Connor made himself a quick cheese omelette then sat back down to get to work. 

The End

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