Fool at a Glance


In the middle of the high school hallway he stood. He cut a striking figure who drew more then a few glances from the surrounding students. He sported a huge mass of dark red hair that tumbled over his entire head and clashed terribly with his shirt. His eyes were a strange grey flecked with gold, full of intelligence and wit. His pale lips were always quirked up as if he knew something you didn’t. 

He was dressed in a most peculiar way, with his much too large neon yellow shirt that came down over his waist. It covered the tops of a pair of ridiculously huge brown cargo pants which were bulging with an incredible assortment of odds and ends. Among them one could make out a match box's outline and what looked like a pair of pliers. His feet which were curiously enormous, were completely disproportionate to the rest of his body, as if they were growing faster. Most looked at him and thought him a freak; those people were below his notice. His interest was in people who could see past appearance. Only they could recognize him for what he was: the genius of our time. 


The End

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