The ship rolled in overhead, a mass of churning gears and steam pumps. It came to a halt and the gangplank lowered slowly in a series of timed clicks and earsplitting cracks. She was the first to step out, her sailors following suit.

Her skin was as pale as the moon, not a blemish in sight. Pouty lips were painted blood red, hollow grey eyes lined in black. Her eyelashes were long and dark like two dead insects, never fluttering to a close.

The captain jumped down from the ship and glanced around at the new planet. Her sharp face was expressionless. Cold eyes took in the distant villages, the rolling hills, the tall trees, dots of children at play. It was reminiscent of her home planet - quaint, sheltered, ignorant, deplorable. Her twisted heart, cold and hard as clockwork, despised this place.

She was nothing but a machine now, disguised as human flesh. She longed to punish the planet for its innocence the way hers was punished long ago. Pangs of sadness and guilt hit her heart like bullets. She tucked them away, safely.

"Burn it to the ground."

The End

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