The Young Pianist

     My ambition is to become a pianist. Unfortunately, our only piano was broken and it was very dirty caused by some pests who get in there. I cleaned them all up, with a wet and a dry rag.

     With some knowledge I took from our music class, I studied on how to play the piano alone. I found it easy though, but, it was very hard to play our broken piano which sustains the tune.

     My mother saw that I was devoted in playing the piano, and told me that I will have piano class. I was a little bit nervous. How good will I be after the lessons? That was the question I kept in my mind.

     I still didn't take piano lessons for the month of July, my mom told me that I will go for piano lessons in August, due to financial issues. I was very disappointed, although I was ready for learning.

     I looked for some background of some famous pianists, and it turned out that they were studying piano in a very young age. I became more disappointed.



     Will I be as successful as them?

     Will this, ambition of mine come true?


     I hope so.

The End

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