He had fantasized about this moment for years. Endless scenarios played out in his head, calculating every chance, every possibility. He had chosen "the one" months ago, his favorite. He glanced down at his phone once more.  Clenched in his trembling hand he made sure he had read the name right. Sarah. The phone would not ring much longer.

All the anger and pain came rushing to the surface. Buried deep, a simple phone call flooded his brain with raw emotion.  Chemicals from glands he had once known, all being released at once and mixing in his skull. It created the most toxic of poisons. Controlling his thoughts like a phantom hanging over him it seeded malice into his ears.  He was ready.

"hello, mark?" whispered a soft angelic voice. It was a familiar voice, a warm voice.  All the plans and scenarios suddenly fell apart. He held the phone to his ear, unable to pull it away. He could feel all the anger and pain leaking out of him. Cascading down his body it evaporated and chilled his skin . Minutes passed listening,  unable to speak until finally a new phantom had settled into place . "I miss you too", he replied.

The End

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