Sadie of the Sea

She launches her body backwards into the waves of aquamarine, sea foam swarming about her pale face. Silver hair whips in the water like a school of fish. Her coral lips purse and a slender finger meets them. Shhh.

"I'll tell you a secret," she whispers, spinning gracefully onto her stomach, head poking up out of the water with a smirk. "I'm a mermaid." She kicks her legs up, splashing playfully.

"A mermaid?" I ask.

She nods, wet hair bouncing enthusiastically. She stands up and the water tickles her waist. Her hands reach up towards the sky, as if in prayer, before she dives under.


Her body slithers into the water, little pink toes last to disappear. She wriggles around, a ghostly green figure obscured by the current. It takes a minute for her to break the surface.

"See!" she giggles joyfully. Her finger wags at me, telling me off. "I told you not to doubt me."

Still smiling brightly, she flops onto her back and floats on the water with ease. She stares up at the sky, watching the clouds intently. The sun gently strokes her thin face.

"I love living underwater, but sometimes I miss the sky."

The End

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