Alexander Bottemy III

Walking in the crowded streets of Mumbai, Alexander Bottemy III, appeared to be the picture of elegance. Wearing a grey blazer with trousers boasting a razor-sharp crease, not a hair on his head was out of place. 

He looked at the heavy set ladies flaunting their jewels, as their tired looking husbands hobbled behind them, carrying bags and sachets bursting at the seams. A smile formed on his chiseled face, his blue eyes crinkling, and dimples appearing on his high cheekbones. His complexion bore a deep tan from his ventures under the blazing Indian sun, and his gleaming white shirt contrasted with his skin tone.

Several women turned to glance at the handsome man, a refreshing sight in the middle of a busy jewelery market. Young girls giggled as he passed by them, and talked excitedly among their friends about him.

But he wasn't interested in what others had to say or think. He was here for a very specific reason and for that he headed into a seedy corner shop. He shook hands with the man in attendance and took out a diamond collar from his pocket and handed it to him.

"Don't tell anyone that I stole it."


The End

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