Lady Catherina Saxe-Coburg

Her emerald and gold chiffon gown shimmered elegantly under the light of the crystal chandelier. But more than anything, it was her amazing beauty and grace that held captive the gaze of more than a hundred guests in attendance at the Prince's townhouse. Her striking violet eyes, full lips painted with a splash of pink, her porcelain skin, and her pert nose had evoked the desire in many an artist's heart to make her his muse.

It was the event everyone desired to be invited to, but only a select few got the opportunity, and the gold-embossed two-page thick invite for. It was the Prince's Silver Jubilee Anniversary, an event of mammoth proportions. Lady Catherina was one of the last guests to arrive, and the only one to have graced the event without an escort. 

Her arrival created a flutter amongst the people inside the Grand Ballroom. But she swept across the ballroom without a glance in anyone's direction, heading towards the library. She entered the room and locked the door with a soft click. Sitting on the silk ottoman, she hid her face in her hands and sobbed. 

"I shouldn't have killed him. I shouldn't have."

The End

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