Peter Valis


He slapped the alarm, scowling, unable to justify hitting snooze again.  Hazy sun filtered into his basement apartment. Peter Valis dragged himself from the tangle of sheets and stared blearily at nothing in particular.  The cramped bedroom was filled with the hallmarks of bachelor life; clothes piled here, magazines and miscellany there, the glass on the nightstand covered by a film of scum from endless refills of tap water.

At least it's Friday, he sighed.  Slim consolation, he had no weekend plans save ordering take-out, maybe watching old monster movies.  Godzilla vs. Mothra.  Classic.

He shambled into the bathroom and showered robotically, paying as little mind to himself as possible. Mornings were hard enough without having to consider the sad state of his body.  Water ran through his receding hairline, dripped from his slightly oversized nose, poured down over his unfortunate waistline.

Rinsing the soap from his hands, he stopped, startled-- his wedding band was gone.  He hadn't even heard it drop.  He peered down the drain but there was no sign of it. 

Six months ago, he would have broken down.  Today he shrugged.  Look at the bright side, he told himself.  Maybe he'd lost a few pounds.

The End

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