Over the hills and a great way off...

As the words filtered into his head, Ruben started to giggle. It was probably not the best thing to do - his watch read 02:39, he was on the spider's network of the underground and he was drunk. He had missed his stop quite some time ago but he made no move towards the exits. This was not normal, but the five pints and tequillas were not normal either.

Another stop, another few people on and off.

He followed, tottering slightly as he dropped the step from train to behind the yellow line. He paused at the newspaper stand. His mocking grin looked at him squarely from the poster and again below on the magazines. Behind his former self he could see her beautiful face teasing him.

He felt sick. Stumbling, he ran up the escalator into the pouring rain and the street

In that yellow light, you could not tell if the drops were from the sky or his eyes.

The End

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