Ashleigh Faresson lifted the helmet gracefully off her head, and let her auburn waves tumble out like a waterfall. She ran her pale hands over the curves in her grey space-suit and smirked to herself.

Daddy’s money well spent, she thought to herself, as her cappuccino-coloured eyes scanned the horizon.

Ashleigh knew it as her new home; the territory that she had spent years trying to reach… And now she was here, and she felt glorious; exuberant for finally achieving her long-sought-after goal.

The planet was dark, but the total opposite of the emotions that were brewing up inside of Ashleigh: excitement, radiant joy (those lighting up her simple face and becoming a beam for the way forward) and a little bit of apprehension for what was to come. She might have been ‘kicking out’ aliens from her settlement, but that never meant that she liked the task. After all, Daddy had said she wasn’t to fraternise with foreigners, and Daddy’s word must always be followed…

Keeping the lady’s composure that her mother had taught her, Ashleigh took her first step forward. She was thrilled on the inside, but needed keeping her emotions under check if she were to succeed.

The End

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