Her hand hung over the side of the bed, the diamond sparkling in the late afternoon sun brighter than the crystalline glass that lay on the floor just beneath it. Dank curls fell across her face and hid the dark circles of many late nights shared with a drink rather than her frequently absent husband. Not that she cared; she rather liked the lifestyle.

Slowly she raised herself from the silk sheets and walked into the bathroom. Last night’s mascara had drawn black lines thin as a spider-web’s below her eyes, making the circles appear darker than they really were. She peed, showered, dried, and lotioned herself. Her hair pulled up in a simple twist and a soft yellow sundress pulled over her thin sunned body, she made her way to the kitchen for a light breakfast.

She sat at the table, sipping a Mimosa and reading the latest tabloid news over a cream cheese bagel when someone came in the room. Without looking up, she addressed the help. “I believe I left a glass in my room. Clean up the mess before Richard gets home. He’d be so unhappy to see it.”

“Yes Miss Sylvia. Right away Ma’m.”

The End

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