The soft mud held the imprints of black Converse sneakers as Ethan stepped quietly through the churchyard, toward the familiar  headstone at the east end. Clasped to his chest was a single white Easter lily. They had always been Laura's favorite. He brought her one every Friday night, and laid it on her headstone, brushing away the dirt and fallen leaves that collected in the engraved words.

She'd been so young, only 17, a year younger than him. But some people would never learn that drinking and driving wasn't safe, and it would take more than one young girl being killed before they did.

The moonlight glinted softly off of Ethan's blond hair and reflected in his hazel eyes as he knelt at Laura's grave, not bothering to stop the tears from coming. An anger boiled in him, anger at who had done this, who had taken his perfect life and ripped it to shreds before he'd had a chance to realize it was happening. And all too soon the anger would boil up and flow out in a storm of rage, and anyone who got in his way would be sorry.

He would make them suffer like he had.

The End

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