Rafael David Carlos Ramos

The ball was whizzing past the men clad in orange, passing three defenders before it banged against the sidebar and rolled outside the playing field. There was a collective sigh of despair from the men in red, and a less audible sigh of relief from those that had been passed through brilliantly. The man who had made it happen was the most affected, his face hidden behind his hands, his hair limp with sweat, and his shoulders hunched.

His teammates rushed towards him, some consoling, some encouraging, all of them anxious for their young star to fire one goal into the back of the net to clinch the coveted Club Trophy.

And the moment did come, a couple of minutes after the missed opportunity, Rafael David Carlos Ramos slid the ball past the men guarding the opponent's half, and smoothly slipped it past the imposing goalkeeper.

The celebrations began an instant later as his teammates piled on top of him, exulting and punching the air, clinging onto him,  applauding him. Amidst the joyous cheering of the men, a sickening noise resounded suddenly. The crunch of a bone, and the jarring cry of the hero, whose leg lay snapped in half.

The End

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