She stands in the side street, watching curiously as the crowds of people rush by. It's always mystified her, how they seem to move as one. But never her. She's always left on the sidelines. Always watching. Always waiting. 

She'd always known she was different. She had never fitted in. Too strange, too complex. People didn't understand her, so they stayed away. But she didn't care; she didn't need others to be happy. In fact, to have ties was to have weaknesses, and she wasn't weak. 

Someone glances in her direction, and she smirks. She watches as he looks away uncomfortably, hurrying on further down the street. She raises her eyebrows, watching him till the crowd drowns him. 

She whips a black ribbon from her pocket, and quickly ties her dark hair up. Lifting the hood of her jumper over her head, the only part of her visible is her pale face. Emerald eyes are still rested on the pedestrians still hurrying past. 

To where, she wonders. Where is it that they so quickly try to get to? What is it that she's missing? 

Without another second, she steps into the crowd. No-one notices her. No-one sees her.

No-one cares.

The End

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