Clair is a whirlwind of emotions inside.

She tries so very hard to listen to him, to be patient as she would calmly do with any of her other friends, but the man has done nothing but disappoint.

Clair frowns and closes her plain dark blue eyes.

Why am I always the one who has to give her heart away as though it is iron instead of the finest gold?

Strong blood rushes through her veins and pounds on her ear-drums. She wonders: should she let him back in? Could she let him hurt her like the way he had before?

Clair reaches up to touch the reddening scar on her pale cheek. The whirlwind threatens to overcome her. Fear. Pain. Anger. Always anger… the anger that caused her parents’ divorce, the anger that made her break her friend’s wrist, the anger that one day she would succumb to, and lose all that is left of simple sanity.

But Clair doesn’t let him see that. She scoops up a lock of her dull blonde hair, and tosses it back into place. If he was to be like this again, she would just have to be the emotionless woman. As always…


The End

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