Your most likely to see Marcie at night. Her pale hair clashing in contrast with the eerie darkness that surrounds her slender but curvy body. As soon as she looks at you you'd freeze with the pure, morbid beauty set upon the sharp contours of her head.

A strong but loose midnight blue dress would flow around her figure which is slowly moving towards you, never losing it's stride or quickening it's pace. You need to run. But her eyes caress your very mind and you are intreagued by the beauty.

She is coming closer, when she finally reaches out to you, her long, thin fingers caress your face, arms, torso and hair. She looks sad then smiles.

She wants to play, you can tell. You want to play with her, you must... because no one plays with poor Marcie.

Marcie is still smiling as she takes your hand and makes you dance with her. You can tell she's still pumping information out of your mind, but you do nothing to stop it because you NEED to stay with her.

She wants to know more about you, but she can only do this if you play and dance with her.

The End

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