Six miles out of Rochester, USA, there is a small white villa, with a wild but ordered garden. You might see Namir, the blue-black cat, pacing among the bamboo, trying to catch one of the fish in the calm lily pond. Perhaps you hear sweet cello music from inside the villa. Keira looks up when she sees you, her raven black hair falling over her shoulder as she plays. Her stillness and the music she plays with her long, strong fingers creates an atmosphere of calm. You know she gets this from the Tai Chi she performs every morning to welcome the sun into her home. She is best described as an artist, but even that doesn't encompass the great diversity that she is.

She unfolds herself from the chair and comes towards you, her cello leaning against the wall. She has wisdom far beyond her age - she looks no more than twenty - but her eyes tell you she knows many things. She is calm and lively at the same time.

She laughs, like a tumbling waterfall, and when she speaks, her voice can be barely a ripple in a tranquil pool or a crashing wave of excitement and jubilance.

The End

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